Membership Program

The Discover Sailing Membership Program was created for individuals and groups who like to go sailing on a regular basis without having to worry about owning and maintaining a boat. We call it Intelligent Yachting.

As a member in the program, you will have unlimited access to the Discover Sailing fleet of boats based in Hong Kong, sail as much as you want and never have to incur any service, maintenance, or mooring charges.

Reservations are made through our online booking system that gives you instant confirmation for your booking when you want to go sailing. We employ a small member-to-boat ratio to ensure there are always plenty of boats to service the needs of members.

In addition to sailing regularly, we also offer all new members a mix of both on-water and classroom boat training classes to ensure everyone would be able to enjoy sailing in a safe and comfortable environment.

For members that have a Hong Kong pleasure vessel operators licence, we will also provide additional training as well as 1:1 guidance on piloting a sail boat so that you will have the skills and confidence to be a skipper on the boat and share the joy of boating with fellow members.

One of the biggest advantages of the membership program would be the fun membership socials. This could be everything from dock parties to dinners, destination cruises as well as overseas sailing holidays.

Through these regularly scheduled activities, lifelong friendships are forged amongst members which share the same passion and waterborne DNA! Come join us TODAY and Let’s go Sailing!