Why choose Discover Sailing Asia (DSA)? 

Unlike your typical boat rentals, DSA prides itself of it's ability to create a one-of-a-kind experience by providing both moments of relaxation and learning opportunities. Our skippers provides newcomers a first-hand experience of learning how to navigate the winds and manage the ropes while still leaving room for moments of serene and peace on calm waters. 

What do I need to bring?

Apart from provisions and comfortable clothes, we recommend you bring sunglasses/sunblock to protect your skin. You can bring a change of clothes to wash up at the end of the day if you wish.

How many Cabins are there? 

Our main boat is a comfortable french built 45ft monohull that has great sailing performance, it is equipped with 3 cabins. Each cabin can sleep up to 2 people. There is also a bed in the living area which we can convert to a double bed in the evening if your group size is 8. Sometimes guests choose to sleep under the stars on the deck as well or bring a hammock to tie on the boat. 


How much space is there in the fridge for provisions?

Videos of the fridge space will eventually be included in the welcome video. Note that there’s one more small freezer compartment on top of this fridge space.

What cooking utensils are available on board?

  • one gas stove
  • one oven 
  • one mini fridge 
  • assorted equipment (please refer to the images below as a reference guide)


Is there drinking water on board?
While the yacht is equipped with a water tank, we recommend including bottled water in your provisions/purchasing a drink package as the water might have an undesirable smell.

Will I get seasick?

While the Oceanis 45 is a relatively stable yacht and Singapore waters aren’t very choppy, we recommend purchasing over-the-counter sea sickness medication for passengers with history of motion sickness. Medication will not be provided.

Must I be able to swim?
No, there is sufficient life-saving equipment on board. Guests who cannot swim are advised to practice personal responsibility and not put themselves into situations which might compromise their safety. DSA will not be held responsible for any resulting injury or death.

Can someone else take my place on board?
Due to covid-19 regulations, places on board are non-transferable after we have confirmed the passenger list upon your registration. Please refer to our refund policy if you are unable to make it.

Is there air conditioning on board?
There is air-conditioning in the cabins below deck.

Will I get the chance to try steering/sailing/other activities during the cruise?
This is entirely up to the discretion of your certified skipper. It is important to listen to the trained crew who know best whether certain activities are safe given the location/environmental factors at that specific point in time.

Is there parking at the Marina?
There is usually ample parking space at One Degree 15 Marina. The following charges apply