Discover Sailing VHF Communications Certificate Course
Discover Sailing VHF Communications Certificate Course

Discover Sailing VHF Communications Certificate Course

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Course Overview:

This course covers general rules for the use and operation of VHF Radios. It covers what to do in the case of an emergency and an introduction to other marine communications equipment.

The certificate covers the correct and safe use of a VHF radio, SARTs and EPIRBs and an introduction to the use of other marine communications equipment including how to monitor MF and HF Marine radios.

It is the level of competence that all crew needs to be able to operate a VHF radio correctly and in particular to operate in the event of an emergency when life and loss of property may be at stake.

    Course Outline
    • Introduction
    • Basic Radio Theory
    • Subsidiary Equipment
    • Common Radio Terms
    • Regulations/Licensing Requirements
    • VHF Radio Equipment
    • SSB/HF Radio Equipment
    • Radio Procedures
    • Emergency Radio Communications
    • GMDSS
    • EPIRB and SART
    • Satellite Communications

    General Description:

    Students will participate and learn how to effectively use VHF and other communications equipment on board a yacht. This course is conducted in a classroom.

    During the course, students will complete a pre-course study by IYT Worldwide, and attend a 8hr classroom learning session. At the end of the course, there will be a written exam and successful candidates will receive a IYT Worldwide VHF Communications Certificate upon completion.

    The IYT Marine Communications course (Very High Frequency – Short Range Certificate) is recognised by the Republic of the Marshall Islands and accepted by the MCA. It is designed to ensure a thorough understanding of maritime radio communication at sea. It is intended for all marine environments and follows International standards.

    Prerequisites: None

    Courses are conducted Year-round.